Corporate Training

Workout while you work is the new corporate Mantra. You do not have to take out additional time to work towards your fitness instead you can simply take a health break with LeoflexPro. We provide in-house corporate trainings for Chair yoga, Body Pump, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Zumba etc. Book your health break for a fitter workplace.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga / Desk Yoga is a widely accepted concept of incorporating Yoga in work life. Introducing Yoga in your work life has proven to help you in getting rid of health issues such as neck pain, chronic back pain, insomnia, stress etc. Our certified Yoga instructors are trained to prepare effective yoga sequence which have preventive and curative effects. There is No need for an extra space, props, mats etc. Your workstation will now act as your fitness station. Let your chair be the medium of empowering you in true sense.


Many corporate houses has started introducing small meditation sessions for their employees to restore their energy. Such sessions enable the employees to regain a calm state of mind. A tranquil state of mind manifest itself in everything you do. We suggest that you should spend some time with yourself in order to spend the remaining with everyone else. You should learn to meditate through your day to keep the stress away. Lets experience the journey of focusing inward to bring about the much needed work life balance.


Shake the stress away with music and moves. Let the energy in you, find a way to reflect through your smile. Dancing can really rejuvenate you. Many corporate houses are willing to let their employees enjoy their 30 minutes of break on the floor with music and moves. And the good thing is that you are not even required to be a pro in dancing, our Zumba professionals will prepare the sequence for you which is fairly convenient for you to practice and enjoy. Positivity will flourish on the floor when you will team up with your team.

Body Pump

Body pump classes are ideal if you have a gym facility or if you have a leisure hall at your workspace. This is one of the most appreciated concept of physical fitness. A combination of functional moves along with bodyweight exercises will bring perfection in your physical appearance and will improve your mind and body coordination.

Eat Healthy-

Lets face it, the basic cause of all of our health issues lies in the food we eat, and no matter how much we blame our 24*7 running around lifestyle for the same, the truth is that we will have to correct our eating habits if we want to stay healthy. We encourage you to learn to structure your meals to keep yourself energetic throughout the day. Our nutritionists at LeoflexPro help you with the simple hacks of eating healthy when you have time crunch. Learn the idea of keeping yourself full “All The Time” and still being on the healthier side of the weight.


  • “I like to say that my life, or at least the fitness aspect of it, is divided into 2 parts. BA and AA (life before Ajay and after Ajay has entered it). I was always active, quite fit and wellness oriented person but never managed to build well defined body and strength I wished for, Not until I contacted LeoflexPro and they introduced me to their gem fitness expert Ajay .

    Besides his vast knowledge and impressive experience, something that I appreciated the most about Ajay from the very beginning was his attention to details (even the slightest change of the angle of my wrist while holding a dumbbell would be pointed at).

    I’ve exercised with different trainers in my life, but never ever have I met someone who attends to you with so much of focus, making sure that my each and every movement is purposeful and correct. It made such a huge difference in my progress which was really noticeable and so encouraging.

    I always felt safe training under his guidance knowing that, despite the intensity and complexity of my training, I didn’t have to worry about injuries.

    In addition, his motivating and supportive nature added a lot to our sessions. He will push my limits, but it would be a sensitive push too.

    Hope to have an opportunity to exercise under his regular guidance again in the future. Till then, all I can say is – fortunate are all those who have him guiding them on this beautiful path of wellness.”

    Danijela Radonic Bhandari
    Clinical Hypnotherapist & Wellness Consultant- Maldives 
  • “At 60 years, I took initiative of trying to shed some weight from the 20 kgs extra that I had put on, in the last 5 years. I met Ajay through LeoflexPro, who has since the last 6 months guided me in accelerating my weight loss. What started as a feeble attempt at trying to get fitter, has now become a reality, with Ajay by my side. I have, with my weight and age against me, managed to lose 12 kgs in this sort span. This would not have been possible without Ajay training and counselling me. He is young, amiable and firm in getting the best out of you. Kudos to Ajay."
    Meena Kapur
    Director Kim Krafts Pvt.Ltd, Mezen Arts Pvt. Ltd. – Exotica Gurgaon.
  • My morning yoga sessions with Nidhi is my favorite part of the entire day. After each session, I feel stretched, uplifted & grateful. Nidhi truly understands that Yoga is not about poses & postures, but a deeper science, a way of living. I have never met someone as knowledgeable as her in the field of Yoga. She is never casual about an asana. Id something is wrong, she will see to it that you keep practicing until you perfect the posture. More importantly, she understands the theoretical aspect of yoga- neti, kriyas, shatkarma, etc. She is a true guru and whoever is practicing with her will be fortunate to have her as their teacher
    Miss Subah Jain
    (Health Educator) Palm Spring Gurugram
  • When I contacted LeoflexPro couple of months ago, I had all sorts of preconceptions about Yoga. My mind was still in confusion when LeoflexPro recommended their expert Yoga Instructor Miss Nidhi Thakur. I have to admit that Nidhi is one of the best Yoga Instructors I have ever known. She is very interactive in her practices and she molds the session according to the needs and requirements of the practitioner. At the same time she is very mindful of any physical constraints that the practitioner might be facing. She has a vast knowledge of her art and has a very good command over the various asanas. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and relatives.
    Miss Shaleen Mehta
    (Founder and Pastry Chef of Glaz'd Patisserie) Palm Spring Gurugram
  • I have been taking the services of LeoflexPro from quite a while now. I have been working out with their expert trainer Ajay. Ajay is a great motivator and excellent trainer. He has all the knowledge and skills to make someone workout strenuously but within the person's limits. He is friendly and engages in a guided workout through his adept perception. He is a professional to the core and also has a good nature and friendly approach. He slowly builds upon his client's stamina and overall workout performance. His overall demeanour and skills are enough to get anyone from the basic to the best possible level.
    Mr. Kavi Bhandari
    (Sub-editor, The Asian Age) Exotica Gurugram


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